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Mortimer News
Here you will find all the latest on Mortimer. What he's been up to and links to his friend's websites.

June 2024

Mortimer on the move! After several years of faithful service in Cologne and the surrounding areas, Mortimer has now moved to Berlin where he is looking forward to new adventures!

Mortimer given a clean bill of health! Upon moving to Berlin Mortimer went for a check-up with the very lovely Dr. Klaus von Rüden. Dr. Klaus is an official classic vehicle expert and can offer vehicle e/valuation e.g. for insurance purposes. Here's a link to Dr. Klaus: 

Mortimer on the big (and small) screen! During his time in the Cologne area Mortimer was often busy in front of the camera. Mortimer London Taxi could often been seen on RTL's rather popular "Let's Dance" TV show. Here you can see him in all his glory with model Cheyenne Ochsenknecht in the passenger seat: Let's Dance!  


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